Christmas Memories from the Vannoy Family

Before I was a Howkins, I was a Vannoy. Heck, I am still a Vannoy. All those family traditions and memories from growing up will be the ones I cherish forever. I have become an enormous sap every since Jack was born and I want him to have the type of Christmas that I had growing up. So, I have become my mother. I seriously laughed-out-loud at that one. In some ways I have become my mother (like the Xmas decorating part, not the marathon running part).

One thing that my mom always did right was the holidays. This lady has Christmas decorations out the wazoo and when we moved into our new house she graciously passed a lot of them (the ones that she wasn’t still using of course) on to me. She passed a “Christmas Memories” book as well and when I opened it was transferred right back to the 90’s, and to bangs, and to having two annoying twin sisters (and older brother) to fight with.

Pretty sure me and my 3rd grade self wrote this. I am pretty sure that I didn’t believe in Santa in 3rd grade. All of my showboating must have been for my 1st grade sisters. Also I am pretty sure that I signed the “Thanks, Santa” at the end.


Then one from my sister Erin, at least I think it was her as I found her name scribbled in crooked cursive on the back.

EPSON MFP imageAh, the memories.

Ah, my hair.

And overalls.


There is nothing like old Christmas cards.

We have also thrown a few little holiday get-togethers with friends and family.

Going through my cookbooks lead to some truly hidden gems. My grandmother passed away in 2009 but her recipes live on. Just reading her neat cursive on the recipe cards I have sent chills down my spine. She made these awesome cheese & sausage ball things during the holidays and I can’t wait to give this recipe a try to see if its it (in these old cookbooks I found no less that five “Cheese & Sausage Ball” recipes). It makes me wish that she was here to make those classic dishes that will forever remind me of Christmas. What did I say? I am a total sap!



I could have sworn that my Granny’s were cheese AND sausage… but maybe not. There weren’t any recipes that had both. But I am dying to sink my teeth into a little taste of my childhood.

Classic Mac ‘n Cheese dish anyone? I may sub out the margarine but other than that it seems pretty solid. 


Also, some of these old recipes are hilarious. Just reading some of the ingredients made my stomach hurt.




I know you are dying to cook up that Apricot Chicken from my Aunt Marlene! Let me know how it goes.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and see you after the holidays!

Sneek peek: I have a Red Gold Giveaway coming up soon! Stay posted for a yummy recipe and some treats for a lucky winner!

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