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Hey there fellow teacher! Thanks for checking out my TpT page. You can access it HERE and purchase some of my products. Here is a little about the teacher part of me.


5 years in kindergarten and 3 years in first grade all in ATL


I believe in giving my students the independence they need to become lifelong learners. Through differentiation and creativity, I hope to give my students the best learning experience possible.


Being nominated for TOTY was amazing. I work at a school with super creative, super talented people and just to be recognized as one of these people was so flattering.


I was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC and attended public school where I had a great experience with learning. College of Charleston is responsible for my love of teaching and the city of Charleston helped form me as a teacher. There I received a degree in Early Childhood Education. Moving to Atlanta to begin my career was a wise decision because there is such talent in this huge metropolis. I learned the most about teaching from being on the job and working with colleagues. After teaching for a few years I got my Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy.

I am working on creating simple, yet useful packets that are aligned to the Common Core as well as clip art. Check back soon for more products!

This is currently my favorite product:

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Tell me about it!

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